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Cathedral Care

Restoration and upkeep of cathedrals

There are some 42 Anglican cathedrals in the UK, not to mention 20 or so Catholic cathedrals. Cathedrals form the most important collection of historic buildings in England. The largest and most ancient are internationally famous, the smallest are usually among the most significant buildings in their region and even the most recent are architectural masterpieces.


Master Craftsmen

Championing our heritage with modern craftsmanship

Twenty years ago, English Heritage (now Historic England) published its first-ever Register of Buildings at Risk across England, which featured nearly 2,000 buildings and monuments that were ‘neglected, broken and unloved’. Recently Historic England was delighted to announce that over two-thirds of those buildings were now safe, in both urban and rural areas right across the country.


Traditional Lime

Lime: it’s better for buildings – and for the environment

It is now fairly well known that cement is not good for old buildings and that lime mortar should be used. But why? What are the advantages and what are the disadvantages? In order to begin to answer those questions it is necessary to understand the nature of traditional building, the process by which buildings used to be built, and how it differs from modern construction, the process by which we build today.


Audio Visual

Audio visual equipment in church buildings

This guidance is issued by the Church Buildings Council under section 55(1)(d) of the Dioceses, Mission and Pastoral Measure 2007. As it is statutory guidance, it must be considered with great care. The standards of good practice set out in the guidance should not be departed from unless the departure is justified by reasons that are spelled out clearly, logically and convincingly.


Stained Glass

A brief history of stained glass

The origins of the first stained glass windows are lost in history. The technique probably came from jewelry making, cloisonné and mosaics. Stained glass windows as we know them, seemed to arise when substantial church building began.

By the 10th century, depictions of Christ and biblical scenes were found in French and German churches and decorative designs found in England.


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Natural Stone

Identifying and sourcing stone for repair

England is fortunate to have such a wide variety of historic and older stone buildings. However, there has been a marked decline in the range of natural stones that are being actively quarried.


Pest Control

Call in professionals if nesting birds pose a problem

Birds can cause a range of issues during nesting season, but interfering with wild birds, their eggs or nests could lead to prosecution, a national trade body has warned.


CRE Events

Thousands set to descend on Sandown

The next incarnation of Christian Resources Exhibition will be CRE National 2022 – taking place at Sandown Park in Esher, Surrey, on 11-13 October.

Sandown Park is a great venue for Europe’s leading annual exhibition of Christian resources. Just 15 miles from central London, the venue is easily accessible by rail (25 minutes from London Waterloo to Esher) and road (M25 and A3). Parking is free for exhibitors and visitors.


Lead Roofing

The benefits of lead roofing

Lead is one of the oldest materials in the roofing industry and is still commonly used throughout the world today.

Lead roofing is a traditional roofing method which has been used in the industry for hundreds of years, and is therefore proven to be extremely reliable. Lead roofing, and sand-cast lead, in particular is ideal for old buildings such as churches or historical renovations, whereas milled lead roofing is a mass-produced alternative, used for precision and accuracy in homes and commercial buildings alike.


Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency and Historic Buildings

Historic England supports the Government’s aims to improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings through Part L of the Building Regulations. Many improvements can be carried out, often at a relatively low cost, significantly enhancing the comfort of the building for its users, as well as providing savings on fuel bills and helping to meet greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.


Lightning Protection

When lightning strikes are you protected against this act of God?

The issue of lightning protection in churches is one that has exercised this publication for many years. In this four-part series of spotlights on the issue we will be revisiting various aspects of the subject, beginning with an overview of current thinking.


Heritage Roofing

Heritage roofing - maintaining our iconic buildings

The UK is home to some of the most iconic buildings in the world, from stunning churches and cathedrals to historic stately homes. Each and every one of these remarkable feats of architecture requires regular maintenance to ensure they remain in the very best condition, allowing them to be enjoyed for generations.


Church Lighting

Light up your place of worship

The design of a lighting scheme and the light fittings themselves can have a positive impact on the way your building looks as well as being functional.


Live Streaming

Why live stream is now mainstream

The restrictions around the COVID-19 pandemic have led to many churches venturing into the online world in a much more comprehensive way than before. While most churches have had some kind of online presence and the Church of England has it’s a Church Near You site, the live streaming of services has become much more common. And modern AV equipment is perfectly suited to communicating via the internet.


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New report says embedding heritage-led regeneration key to historic towns' future

Embedding heritage-led regeneration within wider investment programmes aimed at revitalising high streets and enhancing local and regional infrastructure, will more effectively drive the growth and renewal of Britain’s historic town centres, says a new report from national planning and development consultancy, Lichfields.

The ‘Historic Opportunities’ report comes at a time of changing fortunes for the nation’s historic towns and sheds light on the environmental, economic and social contributions that heritage-led regeneration can deliver long-term for hundreds of locations across the country.

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Looking for an audio-visual system to suit your style of worship?


APi Sound & Visual are leading designers and installers of audio-visual systems for churches, community centres and heritage buildings in the South West and beyond.

Founded in Exeter in 2003, the team at APi Sound & Visual pride themselves at making technology work for people. Specialising in the design and installation of projection, sound and streaming systems; they are also installers of hearing loop systems and CCTV.

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Do you need to spend a fortune on a microphone?

By Paul Dougherty, managing director, Blaydon Communications Ltd.

Don’t worry, this article isn’t going to get too in depth from a technical point of view, but it does steer close to it! The argument of whether or not you need to spend a fortune on a microphone is a difficult one to answer. As with all things in life, you need to buy the best you can afford, and this will yield the best outcome for you and your pocket in the long run. Saying that, sometimes it is worth saving a little longer and spending a little more than you’d planned for too.

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New mixer adds to upgraded Zooming capacity

0n8069An upgrade to the sound reinforcement system at First Church Christ Scientist, London, has recently been completed by Redhill-based Scanaudio. The upgrade provides a fully-interactive Zoom meeting experience for those members unable to attend church.

The church took the opportunity to change the old audio mixer for a flexible QSC Core 110f processor to provide comprehensive control of the audio system, with echo cancellation for far-end Zoom participants and audio relayed over the local church loudspeakers.

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Works such a bind for bookman Phil

0n7494What do you do if, after 25 years in secure, paid employment, you suddenly find yourself on the redundancy scrapheap? Put the skills you’ve acquired to work on your own behalf, of course – by setting up in business for yourself. That’s what Phil Winskill did 14 months ago when he was made redundant from his job as a bookbinder at York University.

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Michelmersh wins four awards at the BDA’s Brick Awards 2021

0n7501Michelmersh is proud to announce that it won four awards and was highly commended for another four at Wednesday night’s 2021 BDA Brick Awards. With stunning trophies designed by award-winning designer, architect and researcher, Maria Gasparian, the 45th Brick Awards received a record number of entries. In her final year as Head Judge, Hilary Satchwell led a team of 14 esteemed judges with the unenviable task of selecting the best of the best.

All categories received superb examples of brickwork, taking friendly rivalries to a new level and showcasing the best talent the UK Brick industry has to offer.

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Video takes us on a lightning journey through 75 years of history

0n7503This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Association of Technical Lightning and Access Specialists (ATLAS) – the trade body that represents the lightning protection and specialist access industry. To celebrate this poignant milestone in its history, ATLAS takes us on a journey through 75 years of history in a new video, comparing landmarks in its history to worldwide events.

They include England winning the World Cup and the first Concorde flight – starting back in 1946 when the federation was founded and taking us right through to the current day, demonstrating how much the industry has progressed over the past 75 years.

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The challenges of ensuring fire safety in heritage buildings

by RICHARD WILLIAMS, divisional director of Oculus Building Consultancy and the Assent Group

Fire and heritage sites don’t mix well. You need only think about significant fires at heritage sites in the past 40 years and you could probably name the three main ones that have made the news: Notre Dame, Windsor Castle and York Minster.

However, that only scratches the surface of the real story. Every year we lose heritage buildings to fire. Some are uninhabited or derelict, but many are in use today and the fires cause damage that is often irreversible, meaning that we lose more of our history.

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Cadfael’s abbey has a ‘fine’ new sound system

Shrewsbury Abbey has a fascinating history dating back almost 1,000 years. It was founded in 1083 by Roger de Montgomery, one of William the Conqueror's principal counsellors. In the 20th century the Ellis Peters character Brother Cadfael was portrayed as a Benedictine monk and herbalist at Shrewsbury Abbey.

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Michelmersh nominated for 19 shortlisted projects for the BDA’s Brick Awards 2021

During August, shortlists for the highly commended and prestigious Brick Development Association’s (BDA) Brick Awards 2021 were announced. Michelmersh is thrilled to have featured 19 superlative shortlisted projects be announced in November. The Awards recognise excellence within design and construction.

Each year hundreds of entries are submitted, and 18 prestigious trophies awarded. With an exceptional number of shortlisted projects in over 12 categories, Michelmersh is hopeful for another year of success. Proud to be sponsor of the Commercial category the British manufacturer is very much looking forward to celebrating the best of brick architecture and to congratulate the winners of this year’s Architect’s choice and Supreme Winner categories too.

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JW & Co raise the roof with 150th anniversary celebrations

0n8002John Williams & Company (familiarly known as JW & Co) is a well-known name in the roofing and slating trades and has been for well over a century. In fact, the firm celebrated its 150th anniversary last year.

The date of 1870 as the establishment of the company lies in Whitaker’s Red Book of Business, published in 1907. The entry tells us that JW & Co was established in 1870 especially to transport slate from the Dinorwic slate quarries in North Wales.

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Ecclesiastical Insurance and University College London extend partnership to support next generation of heritage leaders

0n7752Specialist heritage insurer Ecclesiastical Insurance has pledged a further £72,500 to University College London (UCL) to support the development of heritage leaders. 

Since 2004 Ecclesiastical Insurance has donated over £350,000 to UCL to offer scholarships that support students studying the Sustainable Heritage MSc. 

The Sustainable Heritage MSc teaches heritage management and conservation best practice. The course introduces students to conservation policies, projects, methodologies and practices in the context of historic buildings, sites, landscapes and collections.

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SafeSite Security Solutions announces Corporate Partnership with The Security Institute

Vacant property security specialist SafeSite Security Solutions has joined The Security Institute’s network of Corporate Partners.

Commenting on the alliance, Gabriella Pemberton, General Manager, SafeSite Security Solutions said: “The Institute’s Corporate Partners represent many different areas in the security sector and we look forward to supporting its members through our partnership.

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York Minster revealed

0n8603The Morton Partnership were engineers for the refurbishment and enhancements to the Minster, including works to the Undercroft, Chapter House yard building and the approach to the South Transept and the repair of the Great East Window and East Front. In addition, further projects included assessment of the Aculn Library, fire damage at the Stoneyard and several other properties owned by the Dean and Chapter, as well as the setting up of a ‘watch survey’ for the Minster.

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Michelmersh sponsors RIBA’s Sustainability Award 2021 – A mark of sustainability excellence

0n7578Michelmersh is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Sustainability Award at the RIBA Regional Awards 2021. RIBA’s Regional Awards are comprised of various awards, including Project Architect of the Year, Sustainability Award, Conservation Award, Building of the Year, Client of the Year Award, and region-specific awards. Over recent weeks, winner announcements have been filling social media feeds, congratulating and commemorating worthy winners.

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When you can’t see the building for the trees!

The photographs in this article illustrate two ‘messages’ regarding the virtues of planting trees alongside heritage buildings. They are taken from a project recently carried out at York Minster by arboricultural and landscape consultants Barnes and Associates. It involved a tree survey, a health and safety assessment, an assessment of replanting opportunities and a management plan.

The photograph on the left demonstrates how the planting of small, out-of-proportion trees may distract from the magnificent structure of the Minster. They provide habitat, cooling and water retention – but are they the right trees in the right place?

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The history of London and Ipswich based organ builders Bishop and Sons

1886organ PICTURE 3Founded in 1795, James Chapman Bishop’s first workshops were at York buildings in Saint Marylebone. He soon became well established and took on the premises of 250 Marylebone Road as his workshops.

J. C. Bishop quickly built a good reputation and became widely known as a master organbuilder whose attention to detail and expert knowledge, combined with ingenuity and craftsmanship, produced some of the finest English organs of the nineteenth century.

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