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Heritage Roofing

Heritage roofing - maintaining our iconic buildings

The UK is home to some of the most iconic buildings in the world, from stunning churches and cathedrals to historic stately homes. Each and every one of these remarkable feats of architecture requires regular maintenance to ensure they remain in the very best condition, allowing them to be enjoyed for generations.


Cathedral Care

Restoration and upkeep of cathedrals

There are some 42 Anglican cathedrals in the UK, not to mention 20 or so Catholic cathedrals. Cathedrals form the most important collection of historic buildings in England. The largest and most ancient are internationally famous, the smallest are usually among the most significant buildings in their region and even the most recent are architectural masterpieces.


Master Craftsmen

Championing our heritage with modern craftsmanship

Twenty years ago, English Heritage (now Historic England) published its first-ever Register of Buildings at Risk across England, which featured nearly 2,000 buildings and monuments that were ‘neglected, broken and unloved’. Recently Historic England was delighted to announce that over two-thirds of those buildings were now safe, in both urban and rural areas right across the country.


Traditional Lime

Lime: it’s better for buildings – and for the environment

It is now fairly well known that cement is not good for old buildings and that lime mortar should be used. But why? What are the advantages and what are the disadvantages? In order to begin to answer those questions it is necessary to understand the nature of traditional building, the process by which buildings used to be built, and how it differs from modern construction, the process by which we build today.


Audio Visual

Audio visual equipment in church buildings

This guidance is issued by the Church Buildings Council under section 55(1)(d) of the Dioceses, Mission and Pastoral Measure 2007. As it is statutory guidance, it must be considered with great care. The standards of good practice set out in the guidance should not be departed from unless the departure is justified by reasons that are spelled out clearly, logically and convincingly.


Ecclesiastical & Heritage World Scanaudio

CRE Events

After the Midlands, onward to Milton Keynes

"CRE Midlands reminded me of the giddy days when it first began – the venue was packed with exhibitors and visitors and there was a busy atmosphere. The whole thing looked great."



Church Insurance | Ecclesiastical

Church insurance risk

You need to ensure that reasonable precautions are in place at your church to keep it safe for those who use it. To do this, you need to think about what might cause harm to people.

You will then need to decide if the precautions already in place are adequate. If they are not, you may need to identify further action to prevent any danger. When done formally, this is known as a risk assessment.


Church Maintenance

Church maintenance and repair: Calendar of Care

Just as prevention is always better than cure, maintenance is preferable to major repairs. But, such repairs may not always be avoidable. Church Care offers a monthly guide in our coming issues Starting in Spring

We can help you understand the common problems and areas that need your special attention, and give you tips for regular maintenance schemes.


Pest Control

Michael Palin warns of pest threat to churches

Michael Palin is supporting the future of the UK’s historic churches and chapels with a voiceover for a new animated film. The 80 second animation, produced for the National Churches Trust, highlights why churches are some of the nation’s best loved buildings.


Town Halls

The history of the great Victorian Town Halls of Northern England

From industrial squalor to civic pride, the story behind some of the most impressive buildings of the North involve a unique mix of economics, grand designs and noble sentiments within communities.


Lead Roofing

The benefits of lead roofing

Lead is one of the oldest materials in the roofing industry and is still commonly used throughout the world today.

Lead roofing is a traditional roofing method which has been used in the industry for hundreds of years, and is therefore proven to be extremely reliable. Lead roofing, and sand-cast lead, in particular is ideal for old buildings such as churches or historical renovations, whereas milled lead roofing is a mass-produced alternative, used for precision and accuracy in homes and commercial buildings alike.


Lightning Protection

When lightning strikes are you protected against this act of God?

The issue of lightning protection in churches is one that has exercised this publication for many years. In this four-part series of spotlights on the issue we will be revisiting various aspects of the subject, beginning with an overview of current thinking.



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Access rental specialist goes large with first spider boom

AAP pic1 002Rental specialist Anglia Access Platforms has invested in its first Hinowa tracked spider boom – and sent it straight out on hire for a tree management project.

Anglia Access has strengthened its hire fleet with a bi-energy lithium-diesel Hinowa Lightlift 33.17 Performance IIIS, supplied by Hinowa’s UK and Ireland distributor, Access Platform Sales (APS).

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Stone cleaning experts offer advice on care of memorials

0n8407Independent Memorial Inspection (IMI) offer the service of cleaning and conserving war memorials using only methods approved by War Memorials Trust and English Heritage. They work in tandem and liaise with In Memoriam 2014 enduring the safety of our nation's war memorials as well as with The United Kingdom National Inventory of War Memorials who keep an up to date record of all the war memorials nationally. A number of the company's clients have undertaken the operations with grants for the works which IMI carry out to the high standards required for the grants.

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New roof helps repair the toll taken by the sea

St Paul’s Church, Sandgate, on the outskirts of Folkestone, is a Victorian Gothic style church. Built in 1849 on the site of an earlier Episcopal Chapel, it is one of architect S S Teulon’s earliest works. In 1919 the war memorial porch designed by C W Oldrid-Scott was added, and he also designed further improvements which were carried out from 1923-1934 – including a barrel-vaulted nave ceiling.

The reredos painting of the nativity was designed by Robert Anning-Bell in 1923, together with the west window in 1926. Ceiling decoration was the work of Charles Powell from 1927 to 1936.

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Expert diagnostics help maintain the woods and the trees

Tree Diagnostics R Logo 1024x701

Occasionally, trees, just like us, can have problems that need an extra level of information to enable better-informed decisions regarding their management or safety. Ian Barnes is lead arboricultural consultant and director of Barnes Associates, who offer a range of detailed assessments to help identify, understand and quantify issues that can affect trees.

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Newcastle Cathedral - creating a sustainable and adaptable sacred space

Purcell Newcastle Cathedral RED3269 Edit WEB 2048pxWork has completed on Newcastle Cathedral, safeguarding its place at the heart of contemporary city life. Through a series of fundamental changes and innovative design solutions, Purcell – architects and heritage consultants – have designed and delivered a space fit for the 21st Century and beyond. 

In its first major reordering of the cathedral since 1777, the work has dramatically improved the cathedral’s offering, creating a cultural, civic, and religious building that is fit-for-service and universally accessible, forging a protected, flexible, and sustainable future. The project covered approximately 4,500m2 and was made possible by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Newcastle Cathedral Trust among private donors, and numerous trusts and foundations. 

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York Handmade project wins prestigious Stirling Prize

0n6767One of the York Handmade Brick Company’s most acclaimed projects has won the prestigious 2022 RIBA Stirling Prize.

York Handmade, based at Alne, near Easingwold, in North Yorkshire, provided more than 300,000 bricks for the magnificent new Magdalene College Library at Cambridge University.

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A Royal connection for the Lead Contractors Association Murdoch Awards 2022

FTRoyHg2022 has seen many changes, the World recovering from a pandemic, the Queen celebrated her Platinum Jubilee then sadly passed away, having served as the longest reigning Monarch.

The LCA celebrated 26 years of its coveted Murdoch Awards, awarded only to those who demonstrate the very highest standards of craftmanship in lead roofing.

Chairman Allan Anderson opened proceedings and welcomed a record turnout of members who were in attendance not only to witness an awards event but to also undertake further professional development and listen to experts from the industry sharing their knowledge.

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Technical training with prestigious Hard Metal Awards for the Federation of Traditional Metal Roofers

0n6772The new FTMRC Chairman, Trevor Corser, was host to a record attendance from the FTMRC membership at its annual Technical Seminar.

All Members of the FTMRC are regularly vetted and their grades published with a compulsory requirement to personally attend a technical seminar annually to develop their knowledge and assist in their professional development. The main auditorium was packed leaving standing room only. The assembled delegates listened to important and informative presentations then attended at specialist lectures covering fire protection, rainwater and substructures.

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Magnificent self-built church accessible to all

The Ark Isleworth Exterior 1536x627When the congregation of High Street Church in Cambridgeshire outgrew the 19th Century chapel, members decided to rebuild a larger church in 2008, entirely by themselves. Finding the skills necessary to build the place of worship from within the congregation, The Ark is believed to be one of the largest self-built projects in the UK.

Nestled in the village of Isleham, The Ark Church, an impressive 2,200-sq-metre building. It is made from green oak wood, that was felled, machined, processed and jointed before it was seasoned and dried: a very traditional way of using wood and a way in which medieval houses were built.

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Iconic Liverpool building gains wireless FM assistive listening

0n6793Previously known as Great George Street Congregational Church, a £6m renovation saw this iconic building in Liverpool’s China Town converted into a community arts centre in 1975. Now known as the “The Black-E”, the management of the 19th century Grade II listed building asked Contacta to install a hearing loop in the main hall in 2021.

Following a site survey carried out by Contacta engineers, it became clear that a hearing loop wouldn’t give visitors with hearing loss the best listening experience. The space has been divided into two floors using metal sub frames, creating passages along the walls of the main hall. This metal content would heavily distort a loop’s performance. 

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New awards celebrate historic buildings and craftspeople

0n6796The SPAB are proud to announce a shortlist of 28 of the best built heritage projects and craftspeople from across the UK and Ireland. The winners of the first SPAB Heritage Awards will receive their award from designer, writer and TV presenter Kevin McCloud on 3 November at an event at Conway Hall in London. 

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Live Streaming now available from Creative Audio Visual Solutions


Live Streaming, especially during the recent Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, is a vital means for churches to keep communicating to their congregation and the wider world.

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Urban Edge submits plans to create visitor destination and education centre within the grounds of historic Harlaxton Manor

0n6826Urban Edge Architecture has submitted a planning application to South Kesteven District Council on behalf of Harlaxton College for the restoration of the disused Walled Garden at the historic Harlaxton Manor, near Grantham, to create a stunning and sustainable visitor attraction and educational experience.

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Dropping knowledge on a delicate issue

w1eKgItAll of us have seen a fine building unhelpfully adorned with pigeon food in its (ahem) processed form. Perhaps we assume this is an issue of unsightliness and nothing more, but bird droppings create a host of problems from disease to corrosion and more, especially for heritage buildings.

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Rochdale Town Hall restoration project

Rochdale Town Hall is widely-regarded as one of the UK’s finest examples of Victorian gothic architecture. The Grade-I listed building was designed by William Crossland and opened in 1871 as a symbol of the town’s industrial standing in the textiles trade. According to Historic England, its ornate stylings are rivalled only by the Palace of Westminster.

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Rochdale shops given colourful facelift as part of major heritage project

0n6851A row of shops in Rochdale town centre has been given a new lease of life thanks to a series of colourful, Victorian-style facelifts. 

The South Parade and Drake Street Property Improvement Scheme, a collaboration between Rochdale Borough Council and Historic England, has transformed 12 shops with a bright new look.

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Variety of external lighting shows the splendour of Lincoln Cathedral

0n6855Standing tall over the city, Lincoln Cathedral is a magnificent and iconic international landmark, and one of Britain’s most spectacular pieces of architecture. Once admired as the tallest building in the world, the spire at Lincoln Cathedral was an impressive feat of engineering, reaching a remarkable 525 feet before the central spire collapsed in 1548, nearly 250 years after its completion, and was never replaced.

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