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Heritage Roofing

Heritage roofing - maintaining our iconic buildings

The UK is home to some of the most iconic buildings in the world, from stunning churches and cathedrals to historic stately homes. Each and every one of these remarkable feats of architecture requires regular maintenance to ensure they remain in the very best condition, allowing them to be enjoyed for generations.


Cathedral Care

Restoration and upkeep of cathedrals

There are some 42 Anglican cathedrals in the UK, not to mention 20 or so Catholic cathedrals. Cathedrals form the most important collection of historic buildings in England. The largest and most ancient are internationally famous, the smallest are usually among the most significant buildings in their region and even the most recent are architectural masterpieces.


Master Craftsmen

Championing our heritage with modern craftsmanship

Twenty years ago, English Heritage (now Historic England) published its first-ever Register of Buildings at Risk across England, which featured nearly 2,000 buildings and monuments that were ‘neglected, broken and unloved’. Recently Historic England was delighted to announce that over two-thirds of those buildings were now safe, in both urban and rural areas right across the country.


Traditional Lime

Lime: it’s better for buildings – and for the environment

It is now fairly well known that cement is not good for old buildings and that lime mortar should be used. But why? What are the advantages and what are the disadvantages? In order to begin to answer those questions it is necessary to understand the nature of traditional building, the process by which buildings used to be built, and how it differs from modern construction, the process by which we build today.


Audio Visual

Audio visual equipment in church buildings

This guidance is issued by the Church Buildings Council under section 55(1)(d) of the Dioceses, Mission and Pastoral Measure 2007. As it is statutory guidance, it must be considered with great care. The standards of good practice set out in the guidance should not be departed from unless the departure is justified by reasons that are spelled out clearly, logically and convincingly.


Ecclesiastical & Heritage World Scanaudio

CRE Events

After the Midlands, onward to Milton Keynes

"CRE Midlands reminded me of the giddy days when it first began – the venue was packed with exhibitors and visitors and there was a busy atmosphere. The whole thing looked great."



Church Insurance | Ecclesiastical

Church insurance risk

You need to ensure that reasonable precautions are in place at your church to keep it safe for those who use it. To do this, you need to think about what might cause harm to people.

You will then need to decide if the precautions already in place are adequate. If they are not, you may need to identify further action to prevent any danger. When done formally, this is known as a risk assessment.


Church Maintenance

Church maintenance and repair: Calendar of Care

Just as prevention is always better than cure, maintenance is preferable to major repairs. But, such repairs may not always be avoidable. Church Care offers a monthly guide in our coming issues Starting in Spring

We can help you understand the common problems and areas that need your special attention, and give you tips for regular maintenance schemes.


Pest Control

Michael Palin warns of pest threat to churches

Michael Palin is supporting the future of the UK’s historic churches and chapels with a voiceover for a new animated film. The 80 second animation, produced for the National Churches Trust, highlights why churches are some of the nation’s best loved buildings.


Town Halls

The history of the great Victorian Town Halls of Northern England

From industrial squalor to civic pride, the story behind some of the most impressive buildings of the North involve a unique mix of economics, grand designs and noble sentiments within communities.


Lead Roofing

The benefits of lead roofing

Lead is one of the oldest materials in the roofing industry and is still commonly used throughout the world today.

Lead roofing is a traditional roofing method which has been used in the industry for hundreds of years, and is therefore proven to be extremely reliable. Lead roofing, and sand-cast lead, in particular is ideal for old buildings such as churches or historical renovations, whereas milled lead roofing is a mass-produced alternative, used for precision and accuracy in homes and commercial buildings alike.


Lightning Protection

When lightning strikes are you protected against this act of God?

The issue of lightning protection in churches is one that has exercised this publication for many years. In this four-part series of spotlights on the issue we will be revisiting various aspects of the subject, beginning with an overview of current thinking.



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Parishioners at St Matthew’s are seeing things in a new light!

CLS pic1CLS Electrical Services Ltd – also known as Church Lighting Systems – were given the task of updating the existing lighting system in St Matthew’s Church in Worthing, which mostly consisted of tungsten halogen floodlights providing the main illumination throughout the church. Not very energy efficient!

After CLS carried out an inspection of the existing installation, they confirmed that the existing control equipment and most of the wiring could be kept and re-used, keeping the overall cost of the project as low as possible to meet the church’s budget.

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Works such a bind for bookman Phil

0n7494What do you do if, after 25 years in secure, paid employment, you suddenly find yourself on the redundancy scrapheap? Put the skills you’ve acquired to work on your own behalf, of course – by setting up in business for yourself. That’s what Phil Winskill did 14 months ago when he was made redundant from his job as a bookbinder at York University.

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All Saints floor is finally restored to its stable self

All Saints pic1The Victorian tiled floor at All Saints Church in Boyne Hill, Maidenhead – designed by G E Street in 1857 – had become deteriorated and unsafe due to being laid on a defective substrate. Quantity surveyors Sawyer and Fisher and architect Roderick Maclellan recommended well-known specialists Cliveden Conservation to carry out the sensitive repair of the floor in accordance with Street’s original design.

Cliveden Conservation first assisted with moving furniture and placing items in safe storage. With the floor cleared, a detailed photographic survey was undertaken to provide a guide for re-laying the tiles. Cleaning trials then commenced.

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Winners of British Woodworking Federation Awards 2022 announced

0n6712The winners of the prestigious British Woodworking Federation (BWF) Awards 2022 have been revealed at an evening of celebration held at the Kimpton Fitzroy London Hotel. 

This year marks the 14th anniversary of the annual Awards which celebrate outstanding achievement, skills and talent from across the woodworking and joinery manufacturing sector.

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Serious concrete - the new Hartley Memorial Pathway

Screenshot 2014 07 30 19.24.25

This commemorative pathway dedicates the names of all the victims of the Hester Pit Disaster on the site of the old pit head which is now a memorial garden.

The path was designed by Russ Coleman in collaboration with Rob Walton who worked with local people to produce a prose poem that weaves eye witness statements, newspaper accounts and a telegram from Queen Victoria into an emotive walk through the garden to the old pit shaft. The path was designed in black concrete with white letters in a contemporary font for the time. There are also commemorative hedgerow flowers cast into the path.

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A warm church gives a warm welcome!

That is the message to church managers from Essex-based Argonaut Heating Ltd, a company with over 40 years experience in the industrial and commercial heating sector.

Specialising in church heating systems, they can provide cost-effective and efficient design, installation, repair and maintenance services and understand the problems involved in heating churches, community centres, halls and other places of worship.

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Five ways to winter-proof your oast house

0n7414Winter. It might come round once a year, and if you are not prepared it can end up costing you a fair bit. This year has seen a dramatic rise in home working and many of us will be spending more time in our home this winter than ever. So making sure your oast house is ready for the upcoming season is essential.

Here are four tips from oast house specialists Dude & Arnette to make sure you are prepared for whatever this year’s weather has in store for us:

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Challenging restoration project at Blenheim Palace clock tower

Blenheim Palace is a large iconic country house near Woodstock in Oxfordshire. It is home to the Duke of Marlborough and birthplace of Winston Churchill. As part of a large restoration project on the East Courtyard Tower, Mansfield based Time Assured was chosen to restore four large stone clock dials and a decorative gold coronet above the west dial.

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Restoration of the portico steps at Caroline Gardens Chapel

2tQaYUMThe chapel of the Licensed Victuallers’ Asylum, now known as Caroline Gardens Chapel, was built as part of a large set of almshouses for the support of publicans ‘advanced in age and suffering from infirmity…and no longer capable of supporting themselves’. Construction began in 1827 on a large plot of land in Camberwell, and continued until 1850 when the chapel was built in the centre of the almshouse crescent. By 1866, the site had 170 separate dwellings, a chapel, chaplain’s residence, library, board and court room. The architect was the little-known Henry Rose, who worked mostly in Southwark.

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Conservation of Elizabeth Tower and Big Ben

0n6720Affectionately known around the world as Big Ben and shrouded in scaffolding since 2017, the Elizabeth Tower is being repaired from the gilt cross and orb at its tip, to the bottom of its 334-step staircase.  

This is the largest and most complex conservation project in the Tower’s history.

Parliament is restoring the clock tower to its former glory, as well as modernising and upgrading facilities to make it fit for the 21st century. This is vital to ensure that this iconic building, situated on a UNESCO World Heritage site, is safeguarded for future generations to visit and enjoy. 

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Historic St Stephen’s Hall ceiling shines again as Parliament concludes major repair and cleaning work

0n6719A major piece of work to clean and repair the ceiling of the historic St Stephen’s Hall, right in the heart of Parliament, has now come to an end.

The intricate and specialist work involved is part of a wider programme of works that focuses on the repair and replacement of stonework, as well as mechanical and electrical systems in the Palace of Westminster.

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Christ Church Chapter House wins Oxford Preservation Trust Award

2gChtZcPurcell’s conservation of the Grade I listed Chapter House at Oxford’s Christ Church Cathedral has won a prestigious Oxford Preservation Trust Award for building conservation. Working with Cliveden Conservation, the building has been carefully upgraded to improve accessibility and to ensure the continued protection of this significant building which is now fully open and in regular use for a wide range of public and academic events.

The first phase of work on this fine example of a 13th century building focused on paring back fixtures and fittings installed over the years when the Chapter House was used as the cathedral shop and treasury. The original marble floor has been repaired, along with lime plaster on the walls and masonry repairs.

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Grade 2-listed Battersea Power Station among Michelmersh record seven awards at 2022 Brick Awards

0n6726Michelmersh is thrilled to show its pedigree as Britain’s Brick Specialist with 7 wins and 2 commendations at the 2022 Brick Development Association (BDA) Brick Awards. The 46th Brick Awards highlighted exemplary work across the construction industry with fantastic projects submitted by architects across the country. 13 judges worked together to identify projects that embody celebrated brick architecture, innovation and craftsmanship across 17 categories both locally and internationally.

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At the double! York Handmade highly commended at brick oscars

0n6728The York Handmade Brick Company, one of the leading independent brickmakers in the country, has been highly commended in two categories in the prestigious 2022 Brick Awards.

York Handmade, based at Alne, near Easingwold, in North Yorkshire, was singled out for praise in the Individual Housing and the Refurbishment categories.

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New mixer adds to upgraded Zooming capacity

0n8069An upgrade to the sound reinforcement system at First Church Christ Scientist, London, has recently been completed by Redhill-based Scanaudio. The upgrade provides a fully-interactive Zoom meeting experience for those members unable to attend church.

The church took the opportunity to change the old audio mixer for a flexible QSC Core 110f processor to provide comprehensive control of the audio system, with echo cancellation for far-end Zoom participants and audio relayed over the local church loudspeakers.

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Work smarter, not harder with the new Michelmersh Group website

Mobile View Header ImageMichelmersh Brick Holdings PLC is excited to announce the launch of its fresh, new website. The innovative and inspiring content on offer at mbhplc.co.uk provides an incredibly quick way for anyone to create their own façade design, compare products by colour swatch, download BIM files, read case studies on its award-winning projects or search for information such as technical guidance on projecting brickwork and much more.

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CES Lighting and Electrical specialists illuminate England’s second oldest Cathedral

1 RochesterCathedral 2209 107 HDRRochester Cathedral is a Grade I listed building and is England’s second oldest Cathedral having been founded in AD 604. Located in the heart of the town of Rochester on the banks of the River Medway, the Cathedral attracts worshippers from across the country as well as many visitors and tourists.   

The cathedral has undergone a number of renovations, extensions and reconfiguration over its lifetime. Most recently, a holistic lighting scheme to bring together the exterior and interior of the Cathedral, was commissioned. The project also incorporates a wiring assessment, alongside the introduction of a lighting control system that is suited for the daily activities of the Cathedral as well as accommodating special or one-off events.  

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