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Salisbury Cathedral Stained Glass

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Contact Person: Sam Kelly
Phone: 01722 555 144
Fax: 01722 555 140
Occupation: Stained Glass Specialists

Salisbury Cathedral Stained Glass 

Specialists in the restoration and conservation of stained glass and lead lights working with traditional materials and methods of manufacture.

At Salisbury Cathedral the workshop takes pride in the conservation and restoration of stained glass of all periods, providing a service for cathedrals, churches, architects, conservation bodies and private customers as well as the Cathedral itself. This includes the conservation and restoration of existing stained glass and lead lights, the design and production of new stained glass and lead lights, and associated metalwork.


The conservation of medieval glass is an important part of our work, both at the Cathedral and in churches in the surrounding area.


The protection of ancient glass from environmental damage is a very important part of any conservation project, with isothermal glazing being the most effective method thus far, when keeping the glass in its original situation.


We are specialists in the restoration of stained glass and lead light glazing.

Leaded Lights

The restoration of existing lead light glazing is very often a particularly interesting part of our work and in many buildings the plain glazing can contain within it glass that is an original part of that building when many other original materials have

New Commissions

We are always interested in working with people on the design and execution of new stained glass projects. This may be in an ecclesiastical setting, private house or municipal building and can be a service to design and execute, or work with a designer on the execution of a design and its transition into glass.


The internal cleaning of stained glass has, in the last 10 years, become an activity that we find ourselves being asked to advise on/undertake more and more. This can bring about a great improvement in light transmission into the building and, where plain glazing is prevalent, bring the outside into sharp focus.