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A memorial should be a fitting tribute

Erecting a lasting memorial is the final service we can perform for a loved one when they have deceased and we put a great deal of care into choosing the right one.

However, the same attention to detail needs to be given to the placing and erection of the memorial. Indeed, burial authorities – whether religious or secular – have a duty of care to all those using the site and in particular the qualifications and competence of those working there.

For that reason, and for the peace of mind of the family, it is essential that the company chosen to supply and erect the memorial are suitably accredited. The best way to ensure that competence is to insist that the company chosen is a member of the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM), the only trade body specifically for the suppliers and fixers of memorials.

By promoting competency and relevant qualifications in both the technical skills and health and safety in the industry, NAMM ensures that both burial authorities and the public can have confidence in its members. This, in turn, increases the profile of NAMM members in the community. For masons that is just one of a range of benefits of NAMM membership.

Click here to download information on all the benefits of NAMM membership for masons and for further information on the organization in general visit www.namm.org.uk.

For information on a selected number of NAMM members in various parts of the country, collectively offering comprehensive service on a national basis, click here.

A selection of NAMM members' work

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