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Shapps Moves To Stop Bulldozers Demolishing Ringo Starr's Birthplace

Housing Minister Grant Shapps has called for a temporary reprieve to the demolition of Ringo Starr's birthplace to ensure the people of Liverpool have a chance to have their say in what happens to what many consider to be a culturally important building.

Mr Shapps has written to Liverpool City Council asking them to halt the planned demolition to give the local community and other interested organisations an opportunity to put forward alternative viable preservation options.


Ringo Starr's former home is one of a number of properties due to be demolished in the Welsh Streets neighbourhood of Liverpool as part of a wider regeneration programme by the Council.

A special meeting of Liverpool City Council's Planning Committee is expected to take place in January where the demolition of Ringo Starr's former home and other houses will be considered. If approved the council would give two weeks notice of demolition.

The Government has received a request from SAVE Britain's Heritage to direct Liverpool City Council to dispose of an area. The Public Request to Order Disposal (PROD) process allows citizens to write to the Secretary of State, Communities and Local Government, requesting action be taken regarding under/ unused land (including buildings) and he may direct that the land be disposed of. SAVE hope that this will help save these houses from demolition. The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government is considering this request in the normal way.

Mr Shapps said: "Any regeneration project will generate strong feelings. But when what many people consider to be a culturally important building - such as the birthplace of the drummer of the world's most famous band - is at risk then feelings are going to be even stronger.

"That's why before a single bulldozer rumbles along Madryn Street I want to ensure that every option has been considered. In particular I want local community groups to have the opportunity to put forward viable proposals to preserve this historic house. This gives an opportunity to look at imaginative reuse of terraced housing - which has proved popular and successful elsewhere. It's right that the people of Liverpool themselves decide whether they want Ringo Starr's house to be demolished or to Let It Be."