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HymnQuest is a unique software program developed by ThePratt Green Trust, a charity devoted to the advancement of hymnody and music in worship.


It is the most comprehensive ever published in its field, containing over 36,400 first lines and choruses, the full text of 23,700 hymns and songs from some 410 hymn books and publications. The opening bars of over 19,500 melodies can be both viewed and heard, and the indexes list tune names and metres; biblical, lectionary, thematic, liturgical and seasonal references, as well as information and pictures of authors, composers and translators. It is even possible to search for tunes by playing the opening notes on a Virtual Keyboard - we're told by experts in the field, that HymnQuest was the world's first software to offer such a facility!


HymnQuest provides a fast-search facility for leaders of worship, publishers, researchers and anyone interested in hymns and songs to find exactly what they want at the click of a mouse. For those frustrated by being able to recall only an odd phrase of a hymn, those seeking hymns or songs mentioning a particular word or name, those wanting material on a particular biblical text or theme or by a particular author, or who can remember a tune but not the words that go with it (or vice versa) - these and many other requirements are met by this software.

The project has the backing of virtually all of the major publishers and copyright administrators in Britain and Ireland, as well as some from overseas.

Follow this link for more information on  the Pratt Green Trust.