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New contract furniture helps Salford church cater for variety of events

Elmwood 6 300x199Elmwood Church is a large family church in the heart of Salford with both a lively and friendly mix of people of all ages who welcome visitors and newcomers.

With a rich history, dating back to 1889, Elmwood embarked on an ambitious project to build a new Church in 1987, moving to the current site on Eccles Old Road. With over 30 years of ministry in the building, the Church has gained new members – both as Christians but also as believers from a variety of church backgrounds.

Rosehill Contract Furniture were delighted to work in collaboration with Elmwood Church to supply new contract furniture for their place of worship.

Elmwood 5 300x199

Rosehill supplied, 200 of the Urban Stacking Chairs with the optional links, 12 of which were armchairs. The Urban Lightweight Stacking Chair is one of our most popular multi-purpose chairs at Rosehill for many reasons. Not only is it lightweight making it easy to move, stack and store, but it’s also durable making it the perfect solution for a busy environment with heavy footfall. Elmwood is a busy family church where having furniture that offers flexibility and ease of use, is essential.

The optional linking means that chairs can be linked seamlessly, whilst the additional armchairs offer extra support. Elmwood ordered the Urban chairs with the Havard fabric in Ink, which is a classic and timeless premium fabric option with a stain-resistant and flame-retardant finish.

Alongside the 200 chairs, Rosehill also delivered an H100 Chair Trolley which allows the customer to easily move a stack up to 10 chairs at once.

Elmwood 7 300x221
Elmwood Church has an impressive space in its auditorium which originally had solid wood pews. The Church felt that this limited the use of the best space in the building and therefore wanted to replace the pews with chairs so that the space was versatile, making it ideal for different events. Since upgrading the furniture, the space has been used for children’s holiday clubs, toddler Christmas parties, local community celebrations and a Christmas Panto, and having multi-use chairs and transport trolleys makes it really easy to clear the space and store the furniture when not in use.

“The pews were dated and we wanted to update the seating and make it more contemporary. We are in the process of a rebrand so wanted the seating to tie in with this project. We love our new chairs – the colour, the design. Rosehill were great at listening to our needs and allowed us to change the shape of the chair back to make it more modern.” – Fi Mellor, Admin 

Elmwood 3 400x272Having spoken with Elmwood Church as part of their integral aftercare service, Rosehill were delighted to hear some of the great feedback, but also wanted to follow up and get a deeper understanding on Why Rosehill? What makes them stand out above the rest?

  • Because we were local to Elmwood, we were able to supply sample chairs, allowing them to get feedback from the congregation before purchasing.
  • We had a quick turnaround time – the chairs we supplied are UK based and therefore the delivery time was reasonable.
  • Our price was competitive – something we always pride ourselves on!
  • Excellent customer service: “Big thanks to Jo for keeping in touch, sending out samples and being patient with us while we decided on design and colour.”

If your Church, place of worship or community centre is in need of new contract furniture, please get in touch with Rosehill's sales representatives to discuss your exact requirements

For further information visit www.rosehill.co.uk