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Stella Rooflight launches ‘The Ultimate Guide To Conservation Rooflights’

Stella Rooflight has launched ‘The Ultimate Guide to Conservation Rooflights’. Authored by industry experts, the independent Guide is intended to assist those looking to specify conservation rooflights by providing a wealth of knowledge and practical insights into what can often be a complex and confusing market.

The Guide covers everything from advice on bespoke conservation rooflights, through to guidance on glazing specification, the implications of large rooflight installations, rooflight maintenance tips, guidance on planning and building regulations and much more.  

Co-author of the Guide, director of Stella Rooflight, Paul Trace, said: “Stella has brought together a team of dedicated professionals, with expertise in the design and manufacture of conservation rooflights, to produce this comprehensive document. It is designed to cut through the marketing noise and serves as a one stop resource for architects and homeowners navigating the intricate landscape of conservation rooflights.”

As the most comprehensive resource of its kind, ‘The Ultimate Guide to Conservation Rooflights’ is a game changer for architects seeking clarity in their rooflight designs and for homeowners looking for factual guidance to assist in their decision making. The Guide offers technical knowledge from leading experts including, Ceawlin Hickman from Cornwall Glass, and practical advice on conservation rooflight installation from Stewart Rowles of the Association of Master Roofers.

The Ultimate Guide to Conservation Rooflights will be available as a free download exclusively on the Stella Rooflight website. Architects, builders, conservation specialists and homeowners are invited to download their copy to find out all they need to know about conservation rooflights.