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Cathedral school warms to new boiler installations

MellorMottram pic1Hereford Cathedral School is considered to be among the oldest schools in England. Located next to the cathedral from which it derives its name (pictured), there was probably a school associated with the cathedral from the time of the foundation of the see in the late 7th century. The earliest documentary record of its existence dates from 1384, when Bishop John Gilbert appointed Richard de Cornwaille as school master and authorised him to rule over the school ‘with birch and rod’. The school's library is named after Bishop Gilbert and Cornwall house is named for Richard de Cornwaille.

MellorMottram pic2The new Hoval Ultraga boiler

The school recently benefited from modern upgrades to a number of its heating systems by Stoke-on-Trent specialists Mellor and Mottram.Although mainly known for their work on church heating systems, it was natural that their expertise would expand to the educational sphere, especially those establishments associated with churches.

Mellor and Mottram’s work at Hereford Cathedral School encompassed four boiler houses. The most extensive was at the school’s Zimmerman Building. Mellor and Mottram removed two old oil-fired boilers and replaced them with two new Hoval Ultragas boilers. They also installed a new flue system and a new gas main, degassed the 10,000-gallon oil tank and removed it from site. They also installed a complete new control system.

MellorMottram pic3The flue system at the Zimmerman BuildingAt one of the school’s Castle Street sites, Mellor and Mottram removed two old Ideal boilers and the existing pipework, to fit two new Hoval Ultragas 70kw boilers. They also installed a new control panel and fitted new pipework and low loss headers, together with new pumps and insulation.

MellorMottram pic4One of the old boilers at the Zimmerman Building

The third installation, at the school’s Old Block, involved taking out one oil boiler and removing the oil tank and bunded walls. Mellor and Mottram supplied and fitted a new flue system and an additional combustion air system in the boiler room. They installed two new Hamworthy Purewell Variheat condensing gas boilers, new controls, insulated pipework and a new gas main with new circulation pumps.

The fourth installation was at a further site on Castle Street. Mellor and Mottram removed one gas boiler and its associated supply and installed a new Hamworthy Purewell Variheat gas-fired condensing boiler. The firm installed a new chimney system and controls, together with the appropriate insulation. They also supplied and fitted a new, unvented hot water cylinder.

Mellor and Mottram’s expertise in the installation of heating systems in churches, heritage buildings and leading educational establishments has evolved over five decades. Founded in 1973 the firm is this year celebrating its 50th anniversary in the industry.

Stuart Mottram, son of Roger Mottram, who with Jack Mellor founded the company, is to be found in the crypts and basements of churches, cathedrals and even castles around the country, planning new installations, with sons Harry and George set to carry the firm on for the next half century.

• For further information call 0800 644 6240 or visit the website at www.mellorandmottram.com.