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New tool for live broadcasting Mass


Belltron Ireland & UK Ltd are pleased to introduce you to the new Belltron BST-3000, a useful, NO SUBSCRIPTION, tool for broadcasting live Mass. Belltron has developed its own ISAC (Internet Speech Audio Codec) system offering parishioners who are unable to attend the celebrations the opportunity to listen to all liturgies live or deferred. This device is a useful tool for the priest to stay in touch with their community and for parishioners to continue to feel part of the community, if they can't attend church.

The BST-3000 is particularly simple to manage for the parish priest:

  1. INSTALL the BST-3000 by plugging it into your PA AUX and connect it to your WiFi or 4G
  2. TURN ON and you are live.

Parishioners just have to:

  1. Download the Belltron Streaming APP to mobile phone, tablet or PC
  2. Select their parish
  3. The days mass/service will now be available to listen to until the next mass/service takes place.
  • In the absence of an ADSL/WiFi connection a 4G mobile connection cann also be used.

Price: £2700.00 (€3000.00) + VAT.

Visit the website www.belltron.co.uk