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The significance of picture frames

By Frinton Frames 

Why are picture frames so important?

Most people whether they have artwork at home on their wall or are visiting a gallery or museum never actually realise how important the frame is to the artwork it is housing and how it adds to their enjoyment of the piece of artwork they are looking at.

Frames are not just there to protect and support the art work inside, the structure of the frame along with the design and the materials it is made from must enhance and compliment the art work that it is showcasing, but not so much so that it overpowers of takes away focus from the art.

You can look at the simplest frame to the most details and antique frame, but they are all more complex than they appear from the materials used to make them right up to the design and detail of the frame. Traditionally antique frames are made from carved wood and gesso and are gilded, some frames can be made of more exotic materials and some very basic but they are all as complex in creation.

All frames become vulnerable over time and need to well looked after or they can deteriorate, if this happens the artwork inside the frame becomes threatened and can be damaged or destroyed.

Frame Conservation At The National Gallery Of Art

The National Gallery Of Art has a dedicated section with staff that frame paintings using genuine antique and period frames. Some of these frames may be damaged over time or have deterioration, so in order for them to do this they have skilled frame conservationists who use skills and techniques to conserve or repair frames.

In these cases modern materials are used along with great attention to detail and machinery to repair or sometimes construct new frames in the same period style.

Of course, we love frames, so naturally, we take frame conservation seriously. If you have an antique frame or period frame that has seen better days and needs replacing or replicating please get in contact to discuss your requirements.

For further information visit www.frintonframes.co.uk