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Gutters ready for Autumn?

Every November SPAB (The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings) promote ‘Maintenance Week’ to encourage us to take a look at the buildings we are responsible for and consider spending a little time and money on their care. After all, we all expect regular maintenance checks to keep our cars in good shape – so why not our homes?

Gutters protect our buildings – our most valuable assets, whether ancient or not - Gutters manage the flow of rainwater away from our roofs, walls and foundations keeping them dry and preventing costly damage/repairs.

“There’s no specialist knowledge needed to install a Hedgehog Gutter Brush and once fitted into a clean system, clogged gutters can become a thing of the past.” Louise McComb, Sales Estimator at Rainclear.

SPAB suggests these top tips:

  • Every autumn, clear plants, leaves and silt from gutters and downpipes
  • Moss can block gutters and retain moisture which may damage the roof covering in frosty weather, careful removal is advisable
  • Fit bird/leaf guards to the tops of soil pipes and rainwater outlets to prevent blockages
  • Looking for blocked downpipes and leaks is best done during heavy rain! In dry weather look for stained brickwork
  • Have gutters refixed if they are sloping the wrong way or discharging water onto the wall

Visit the website for metal gutters, downpipes and award winning, market leading Hedgehog™ Gutter Brush.

Buy gutter brushes from Rainclear this October and get a Hedgehog EasyScoop™ for just 99p to help you get your gutters ready for Autumn.

Or give the friendly, knowledgeable team at Rainclear a call on 0800 644 44 26.

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