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Heritage Roofing Gallery PDF Print E-mail

A gallery showcasing some of the very best in heritage roofs including:


  • JTC Roofing designed and installed the roof of this modern holiday home in Pembrokeshire

  • The smooth, gentle slopes flow seamlessly with the opposing ocean

  • Pitched zinc roof at the back with zinc chimney detail and cladding

  • A great example of high quality craftsmanship from JTC Roofing

  • Two zinc pyramids at St Augustine's Church, East Sussex by Metal Roof Ltd.

  • The restored Grade II-listed Hastings Pier, built in 1872, has natural VMZINC® standing seam roofs.




  • Copper roof by Norman & Underwood at the Northumberland Observatory, University of Cambridge.

  • Beautiful Copper dome in dockside Liverpool by North West Metal Roofing Ltd




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