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Church Loop Systems

Audio Frequency Induction Loops - The Law has changed

In the UK public venues such as churches MUST have a standards compliant Audio Frequency Induction Loop fitted - by law.


Lead Contractors

Setting the standards for leadwork

Contractors wishing to join the LCA must submit three examples of their work to be assessed by a nominated LCA vetting officer, normally a member of Council. The design and application skills viewed on site will be graded and a subsequent recommendation made to the Chairman of the Vetting Committee, who will then report to Council.


Traditional Windows

Why is repair better than replacement?

Traditional windows can often be simply and economically repaired, usually at a cost significantly less than replacement. For timber windows this is largely due to the high quality and durability of the timber that was used in the past (generally pre-1919) to make windows. Properly maintained, old timber windows can enjoy extremely long lives.


Back Issues

Ecclesiastical & Heritage World Back Issues

Audio Visual

Audio visual equipment in church buildings

This guidance is issued by the Church Buildings Council under section 55(1)(d) of the Dioceses, Mission and Pastoral Measure 2007. As it is statutory guidance, it must be considered with great care. The standards of good practice set out in the guidance should not be departed from unless the departure is justified by reasons that are spelled out clearly, logically and convincingly.


Church Grants

Over £50m available for church repair and restoration

Every year and sometimes bi-annually, grants are made available for churches and listed buildings. The funding is available for restoration and repair.


Heritage Training


Skills for the future to safeguard the past

Ecclesiastical and Heritage World have a selection of heritage training providers listed within our online directory offering a wide range of courses.


Antique Restoration

Nearly four decades of maintaining standards

For nearly four decades BAFRA has been ensuring that the heritage of antique furniture can be dealt with by the qualified, experienced and skilled craftsmen who have achieved accredited status within the organisation.


Traditional Lime

Ancient building material still has many uses

One of the universal building materials prior to the end of the 19th century was lime. Lime was present in various forms in almost every building, from limewash on the walls of cattle byres and cottages to the mortar used on cathedral and castle walls.


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Watch the latest videos from the church & heritage sector here

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National Trust

National Trust building conservation programme

The National Trust protects historic buildings and buildings in the wider landscape. Their team works hard to ensure they are preserved for ever and for everyone, using traditional conservation techniques.


Fire Guidance

Fire guidance for churches

Fire in churches can have devastating consequences, in terms of damage to property and serious injury and loss of life.


Leadworker Register

The Leadworker Register - putting skills at the heart of the industry

The Lead Sheet Association has been developing and running successful training and qualification initiatives for many years to help ensure that standards of leadwork are high across the construction industry.


CRE Events

CRE goes ‘Back to the Future’ at Sandown

Under new management that looks very familiar, the Christian Resources Exhibition returns to Sandown Park in Surrey next year from October 17-19.


Architectural Metalwork

A guide to architectural metalwork, wrought iron and its restoration

Our next issue will feature a fascinating insight, exploring metallurgy, production techniques, its architectural and historical context and best practice conservation.


Heritage Roofing

Heritage Roofing Register - a helping hand for architects

A unique register of heritage roofing specialists is providing much needed help and assurance for architects and specifiers when working on heritage projects. The Register is the brainchild of the UK’s largest roofing trade association, the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC).


Stained Glass

A brief history of stained glass

The origins of the first stained glass windows are lost in history. The technique probably came from jewelry making, cloisonné and mosaics. Stained glass windows as we know them, seemed to arise when substantial church building began.

By the 10th century, depictions of Christ and biblical scenes were found in French and German churches and decorative designs found in England.



Ecclesiastical & Heritage World Product Showcase

Promoting technical excellence

ISCE is a specialist Learned Society and professional body for sound and communications engineers. Founded in 1948, it is an entirely independent Institute, run by a Council elected by its members. Members maintain a code of conduct in professional activities, embodying high ethical standards and concern for the environmental and sociological impacts of professional activities.

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New Products Showcase

Ecclesiastical & Heritage World Product Showcase

New products help to conserve our heritage

Whilst visitors to this website operate in the sector committed to restoring and conserving the historic buildings and artefacts belonging to the past, they are non the less reliant on the very latest products on the market place to perform this task.

Showcased here you will find some of the latest and most innovative new products and services currently available to help us preserve and maintain our heritage for the enjoyment of generations to come.

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Ecclesiastical & Heritage World Product Showcase

Working in partnership is key to success

This was the key theme in the chairman's introduction to the recent FTMRC statement. Chairman, Trevor Corser, also managing director of JTC Roofing Contractors Ltd, said:

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Lightning Protection

When lightning strikes are you protected against this act of God?

The issue of lightning protection in churches is one that has exercised this publication for many years. In this four-part series of spotlights on the issue we will be revisiting various aspects of the subject, beginning with an overview of current thinking.


Rhuddlan Castle: Conservation of Castle River Dock

The impressive Rhuddlan Castle stands today as a dominant, yet ruinous, feature alongside a once strategic crossing point of the river Clwyd in Denbighshire, North Wales. The castle can be seen on the approach to the town, lending an enchantment to the view and awakening the imagination, of a time long past, and of the stories behind its existence. Now, Cadw and a team of skilled masons are helping to preserve this historic site for present and future generations.

First look at Salisbury Plain Heritage Centre

Purcell has been appointed to lead the design team on the Salisbury Plain Heritage Centre project in Larkhill, Wiltshire. The ambition of the centre is to create a sustainable new home to share the heritage of Salisbury Plain and display internationally significant collections. The new image shows Purcell’s proposed design in context.

Cathedral Centenary War Repair Fund helps conserve Chester Cathedral

imgEssential conservation work has begun on the fabric of the ancient Chester Cathedral.

In 2014, Chester Cathedral became one of 31 English cathedrals to be awarded a grant as part of the £8.3 million First World War Centenary Cathedral Repairs Fund.

This award provided a once in a generation opportunity to re-lay the Cloister Roof and to reset the decorative pinnacles added to the cathedral by the esteemed cathedral architect Sir George Gilbert Scott.

Cabinet makers maintain the highest standards

Set within the heart of Devon, Colin Layzell Cabinet Makers pride themselves in maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship in all projects undertaken. Their reputation has been established through traditional values and by working with the finest materials - and never compromising cost over quality.

The company are a dedicated team of skilled craftsmen with a wealth of experience and knowledge across all aspects of their trade. They pride themselves in offering the highest standards across all of their work and love the challenges each new project brings.

ISCE announces seminar programme for ISCEx2016

ISCE has announced dates for this year’s ISCEx2016 exhibition, along with details of its seminar programme.

The two-day event is returning to the picturesque rural location of Coombe Abbey, outside Coventry (March 8-9) and will bring consultants, specifiers, installers and manufacturers together under one roof. The Institute’s AGM during the afternoon of March 8 will be followed by a networking dinner and entertainment in the evening.

ATLAS launches awards to celebrate 70th anniversary

The Association of Technical Lightning and Access Specialists (ATLAS) has launched a series of new industry awards to mark its 70th anniversary.

The ATLAS Awards 2016 mark 70 years of excellence within the lightning protection and steeplejack industry and will promote the high quality and scale of work of Specialist Contractors within the sector. The winners will be revealed at the ATLAS Gala Dinner in London next May.

How revitalisation of Caernarfon Castle has brought the town to life

This summer saw the first ever live performance of songs from a Welsh television rock opera, Melltithar y Nyth, as part of the GŵylArall arts festival, one of several community events held at Caernarfon Castle.

Community involvement is one element in a multi-million-pound scheme to revitalise the castle and parts of the historic town.

Another vital component is the new interpretation and the new entrance to the castle itself — a £780,000 investment through Cadw and the Welsh Government’s Heritage Tourism Project, part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Cupola installed in period 1920's property

Glasgow-based Verrier Art Glass Designers have recently completed the installation of a Cupola for a client who had purchased a house built in the early 1920’s. The original cupola had become ugly over the years through exposure to nicotine and general dirtiness.

Rather than trying to clean it, the client decided to replace it with something in keeping with the period of construction that would allow light through into the hallway, but also obscure the view of the roof.

Now you can shop online for hand-carved decoration

Agrell Architectural Carving, one of the world's foremost custom woodcarving workshops, recently launched its own product line, Astor & Mallet. Through its online store at the company offers a wide range of decorative mouldings, appliques, rosettes, corbels, capitals, panels, finials and other architectural elements - all hand-carved to the highest quality.

Other companies may claim their products are hand-carved, but that's rarely the case. Typically, machines do the bulk of the work and then the piece is sometimes cleaned up by hand. It never looks right. Astor & Mallet never uses machines to carve its products - and it never will.

South Pavilion, Wooton, Buckinghamshire by Martin UK

This property was one of two identical Lodge Buildings adjacent to the main entrance gates of an exceptional country mansion originally built for the Gladstone Family.

Over the decades the two Lodge Buildings (North and South Pavilion) had fallen into disrepair so the owners decided to carry out the long overdue renovation works.

Caring for the nation's natural stone

So much of the continuation of Britain’s built heritage relies upon the conservation and restoration of natural stone buildings. Churches, monuments, town halls and residential properties across the length and breadth of the British Isles all depend upon the skills and expertise of the natural stone industry’s restoration and conservation sector.

The most common challenge faced by those looking to care for these historic structures is selecting the correct professional to undertake the work.

The question that often arises is: “How can I be sure that the job will be done properly?” This is where Stone Federation Great Britain can help.

Architectural ceramics skills saved by experienced team

Jon Wilson and Steve Allen, both former employees of a specialist clay building products manufacturer, have set up Darwen Terracotta Limited and in the process been able to re-employ 25 skilled and experienced craftspeople in the new business. Their former employer, Shaws of Darwen, closed its terracotta and faience business to concentrate on their domestic sink range, leading to skills that could have been lost forever.

Jon explains, “Steve and I have over 50 years combined experience in this industry having worked on some of the most prestigious building projects in both the UK and USA. All of our people have spent most of their working lives in this trade and preserving these skills is vital. We are a close knit team with a strong commitment by everyone to support the business and succeed together.”

Buying the right folding chairs for your church

When buying folding chairs for your church, there are one or two things you need to take into account to ensure you make the best decision. After all, there are hundreds of options out there, and limitless uses to which the chairs can be put.

Length of Use

For example, there’s a marked difference between a chair that might be used for short meetings or coffee mornings, and one that is used for the duration of a church service. Length of use should be considered alongside the chair’s comfort and strength.

Building made better with

MBH PLC remains at the forefront of industry innovation, by continuing to invest and evolve its manufacturing processes. At the same time, it leads the way in offering intuitive, informative and supportive product data through the most up-to-date construction technology procedures. Acting rapidly on the Government's Construction Strategy, published in May 2011, MBH PLC responded with its first range of clay products files. As the first brick manufacturer to introduce Building Information Modelling (BIM) files in the UK, it is now delighted to see a surge in industry support, acceptance and participation.

More and more roofers are raising the competence standard

Competent Roofer Ltd is the leading Competent Persons scheme for roof refurbishment in the UK.

Launched in 2010 with backing from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), Competent Roofer has enjoyed great success in raising the profile of the roofing sector over the past five years.

In that time it has signed up over 500 members, issued over 26,000 job notifications and saved millions of pounds in Building Regulation Compliance Certificates (BRCC) charges.

Public and private works make up an enviable portfolio

Based in the evocatively named village of Cringles, near Silsden in West Yorkshire, is the team of highly-skilled stonemasons that make up Heritage Masonry and Conservation Ltd. Between them they cover all types of masonry, stone walling and cladding, operating across the country. The company has many years of experience in the industry and has worked hard to build up a first-class reputation for the quality of the work and service it provides.

Over recent years the company has been involved in a number of projects in both the private and heritage sectors, some of national importance.

A brief history of stained glass

Ecclesiastical and Heritage WorldThe origins of the first stained glass windows are lost in history. The technique probably came from jewelry making, cloisonné and mosaics. Stained glass windows as we know them, seemed to arise when substantial church building began.

By the 10th century, depictions of Christ and biblical scenes were found in French and German churches and decorative designs found in England.

There is a mystery to glass: It is a form of matter with gas, liquid and solid state properties. Glass is most like a super-cooled liquid. It captures light and glows from within. It is a jewel like substance made from the most ordinary materials: sand transformed by fire.

Plastering Techniques by Milestone Lime Plastering

Many older properties can suffer from damp problems, cracking and hollow render. Before the 20th Century the building techniques and materials used were very different from those used today. Traditional properties need to be able to "breathe" to allow moisture within a solid wall construction to evaporate from the external stonework or render.

Lime putty was the base product mainly used to produce mortar, plaster and lime wash for traditional buildings. The advantages to using lime putty mortars instead of cement based mortars is that they are porous, thus allowing the property structure to breathe, they can accommodate general movement and the self healing nature of lime products reduces cracking problems.

It's never too early to be ready for Christmas - with all the right folding furniture!

Looking for the perfect table to use for different settings and occasions? You would obviously want something that has the flexibility for that. There are many options available but you might not find anything better than a plastic folding table. It has everything that you want and then some.

Take a look at some of the advantages that it offers over other similar products.

York Handmade win major award at Brick Oscars

The York Handmade Brick Company, one of the leading independent brickmakers in the country, has won a major prize in the prestigious 2015 Brick Awards.

York Handmade, based at Alne, near Easingwold, in North Yorkshire, won the Best Outdoor Space category in the brick awards for its “magnificent achievement” in restoring the Belvedere and Queen Elizabeth Walled Garden at Dumfries House in Scotland, a pioneering restoration project masterminded by Prince Charles.

Tremendous success for Britain’s brick specialists at Brick Awards

Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC is delighted to announce that it collected four of the fifteen accolades at this year’s Brick Awards, held last night at The Hilton, Park Lane in London. The British manufacturer won Best Refurbishment Project, Best Public & Education Building, Best Housing Design Award and the BDA Chairman’s Award. Now in its 39th year, and hosted by the Brick Development Association, the Brick Awards celebrate excellence in design and construction using brick.

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