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Bovingdon Bricks

Bovingdon Bricks

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Ley Hill Road
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Contact Person: Steve Foster
Phone: 01442 833176
Fax: 01442 834539
Occupation: Brick Manufacturers

Bovingdon Bricks has a hundred year tradition of making handmade and machine made Berry-multi facing bricks with a natural variation of tone and texture.

Their warm mellow colours are derived from natural manufacturing processes that have hardly changed over years, which do not rely on artificial intervention though additional sands, stains or colourings, which can give a man-made appearance of weathering. Made from local soft ‘Reading’ clays, these distinctive bricks are made using a soft mud process and then fired in a traditional Scotch kiln, which is governed by the natural variation of weather, temperature and airflow as well as the age-old skills of experienced kiln burners.

Each individual brick has an irregularity and character of its own, which is much sought after, particularly for heritage projects and in conservation areas.

The result is a unique range of handmade and machine made Berry multis, which are renowned throughout the Home Counties and East Anglia for their richness of colour, which ranges from flaming orange through to subtle grey browns.

Both handmade and standard ranges are manufactured to British Standards and are available in metric and Imperial sizes, with bespoke options, ‘specials’ and brick arches to complement existing regional and historic brickwork.

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